IPPBX Appliance for Small to Medium Sized Enterprise

Improve business communication and interaction with caciti IPPBX Appliance, zero hassle IPPBX appliance for small and medium businesses. Ideal for businesses who are looking to install 5 to 60 phone systems that is easy to install, configure, use and maintain. With caciti IPPBX Appliance, it eliminates the need to have a technical administrator to configure and maintain this system. This is in partnership with Grandstream networks and other VOIP vendors

High Value Key Features

  • VoIP Gateway
  • Supports Voicemail
  • With Auto-Attendant
  • Video Call Capability
  • Web Interface Configuration
  • Supports roaming extension using iPhone, android and Nokia SmartPhones

Full System Capabilities

  • Call Parking
  • Call queues
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Call pick up
  • Blind Transfer
  • Three-way calling
  • Conference center with virtual rooms
  • Flexible and configurable IVR
  • Supports Follow Me
  • Incoming and outgoing routes with dial pattern matching
  • Multiple trunk support – FXO/FXS, SIP
  • Paging and intercom (IP Phone dependent)
  • Ring groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Time conditions
  • Blacklisting

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