Enterprise IPPBX

Enterprise IPPBX

Caciti delivers IPPBX unified communication by merging voice and data networks allowing users to communicate seamlessly. The Caciti IPPBX Enterprise Systems is capable of integrating computer intelligence to any telephone, thus allowing it to have infinite capabilities. The same interface also equips users real-time presence management controls, corporate and workgroup directories and conferencing.

For more than 10 years now, Caciti has delivered unmatched performance and productivity for enterprise IPPBX in the Philipppines.

Caciti Partner Brands:

Key Benefits:

  • Call recording/built-on voice logger
  • IVR- Interactive voice response
  • Auto-attendant
  • VOIP Gateway
  • Video Call Capability
  • Least Cost Routing Scalability
  • Can integrate with any legacy PBX
  • Easy to deploy & maintanenance

Example Setup

Enterprise IPPBX sample setup
cacitiEnterprise IPPBX