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IT Infrastructure

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In business, there has always been a sense of urgency, a realization that key tasks must be achieved swiftly in order to gain competitive advantage.  With the consumerization of technology, the requirement for speed is increasing in IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure is no longer just an operational concern focused on running IT assets. IT infrastructure teams are increasingly a source of speed and agility. In addition, the enterprise are turning to infrastructure when looking for innovations and looking to help understand what technology can do for them.

The challenge now for the whole industry is to do more with less.

Caciti is geared towards building, running, maintaining and improving your next generation infrastructure in alignment with your business needs with faster ROI without sacrificing speed, quality and security. We deliver IT in such a way that enables today’s business practices as well as those of the future.

Caciti accelerates innovation in IT infrastructure to create more value for our clients. We leverage technology by collaborating with strategic partners, utilizing deep industry vertical expertise and delivering on a global scale. We are leading the future for IT infrastructure.

Voice Solutions

From voice to video, software to hardware, Caciti unifies all your communication needs seamlessly.


Caciti provides a wide range of IPPBX services that fits your business needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re an SME or large enterprise, we have a solution for you, from open source to telco-grade telephony systems.

Caciti delivers an engaging experience for your collaboration needs that fits your budget and scalable to your future business needs.  Learn More.

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ii. Contact Center

Caciti offers powerful, scalable and reliable contact center solutions for complex requirements of today and the future. We tailor fit a product that enables your business to serve your customers better. Caciti also provides a full end-to-end support to help you maximize the growth potential of your business.  Learn More.

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iii. Endpoints and Gateways

Caciti supplies your endpoint and gateway needs. We have IP Phones, Video Phones, Telephony Cards, Telephony Gateways, and GSM Gateways.  Learn More.

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iv. GSM Model

Caciti offers GSM modem for Philippine usage. It is capable of texts and calls.  Learn More.

Data Solutions

Caciti offers dependable, secure data solutions that will be designed to reduce operating cost, improve service turnaround time and future proof your infrastructure.

i. Router and switches

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ii. Servers/Computing

Caciti Partner Brands:

iii. Storage

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iv. IT Security

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v. Wireless Solutions

Caciti Partner Brands:

vi. Data Center

  1. UPS
  2. Fire Suppression
  3. Precision A/C Solutions
  4. Structured Cabling
  5. CCTV
  6. Door Access
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