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Branded Currency Platform ( Caciti|card )

i. Mobile POS

ii. Terminal POS

Caciti|card Gift Card and Loyalty System is the most powerful, integrated and easy to use off the shelf solution available today. Caciti|card provides turnkey loyalty card solution that allows you to create, track, and manage marketing programs to suit your client’s needs.

Caciti|card Gift Card and Loyalty System offers the most flexibility allowing you to deploy gift cards and define how many points your customers get based on how much they spend, how many points are needed for cash reward, and lets you specify promotions that can add certain number of points.

Caciti|card can be customized to suit any need and operate within multiple networks and systems. The open architecture of this product helps it to integrate with relative ease to any operating system. The heart of the Caciti|card is the Central Database and Reporting System or the CDRS. This is the central repository of all data that is needed to identify each card as a legitimate part of this network as well as to integrate the card with the various systems used by different organizations. The CDRS is the enabler of this Caciti|card and is the integrating link between dissimilar systems, the corporate customer and its intended user.  Learn More.

Direct Engagement Platform ( DEEP )

Caciti Direct Engagement Platform (DEEP) is available in Web, IOS, Android and other channels. DEEP is intended to deliver a person’s holistic design through information, insight and inspiration.

Caciti DEEP makes it easy to capture all your engagement activities with your clients and aggregates into a single silo that you have full control on. The data captured can now be interpreted depending on your current and future business needs. The interpretation of data helps with building your clients’ holistic design allowing you to give them a better customer experience.

Customer Relationships Management System ( Cloud Solutions )

An Enterprise CRM system allows businesses to manage relationships and data information associated with their customers.

Caciti offers a full suite CRM for enterprise, Caciti|CRM. Caciti|CRM is highly customizable; it can tailor-fit to answer the enterprise growing business requirements, from Sales Force & Marketing Automation, Inventory Management, and Customer Support Management.

Caciti|CRM support advanced security management functions including roles, hierarchies, profiles and groups. This enables flexible access control to view and edit functions based on role, management hierarchy and group membership. It also enables back-up and restores global database and CRM. It has also the ability to broadcast message and be seen on user’s page.  Learn More.

Cloud Voice Solutions

i. Cloud Office Solution

ii. Cloud Emergency System

iii. Cloud Contact Center System

CACITI Cloud Voice Solutions provides both cost and productivity improvement with the following features:

  • Unified voice and video communication
  • End user self-control via portal
  • Complete help desk support for all your end users
  • Flexibility, mobility, including selective call forwarding
  • Secure, reliable architecture and infrastructure
  • Full end-to-end technician support from the phone system through your network all the way to the telephony carrier
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